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Plumbing | Leaks, Fitting & Repairs

5-Star Rated Plumber in Manchester

AD Plumbing Heating and Electrical is a Which? Trusted Trader and registered among the top-rated businesses on Checkatrade, so you know that you are in safe hands when you require a plumber in Manchester.

Our fully qualified expert team can tend to all elements of plumbing queries, whether it’s the installation of a new sink, a new bathroom or you have a burst pipe somewhere which needs seeing to. You can have peace of mind in the knowledge that we are rated 5 out of 5 on Which?, Google, Yell, Facebook and Rated Peopl..

Water troubles can strike at any time of the day or night, so whatever the time of day when something goes wrong, do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 2499357 or 07500 002 379.

Bathroom Fitting & Relocation Specialists

When it comes to a bathroom re-fit, you want to get the job done efficiently and to the highest specification. We can fit and tile bespoke bathrooms and wet rooms however you like. Whether you want a traditional or a luxurious modern look, we will work with you to create your perfect bathroom.

We understand that being without a fully functioning bathroom is not ideal, and so we will work with minimal disruptions, getting your new bathroom installed fast and to the very best standard.

Entire bathroom makeover or a new luxury shower, even if you want to relocate your bathroom to another space in the home, we will manage it for you.

Tap Installation and Repairs

From bath taps to sinks and shower heads, whether you would like new ones fitting or your current ones repairing, our experienced plumber can manage this for you.

If your shower breaks down, your whole routine can be scuppered. We do these kinds of repairs often, and so you can rest assured that we will get you back on the go fast in the unfortunate event of this happening.

Perhaps there is a drip which won’t stop, or something seems like it isn’t connected properly, we will find the solution. If there is no hot water running, we can also take a look at the boiler to make sure everything is working properly in that, too.

Fixing Leaks

The first question is, is it a leak or is it damp? If it is damp, you could increase ventilation in the bathroom and scrub the mould.

When plumbing leaks do occur, it is usually due to overflow from baths, sinks or toilets. In other cases, they can be a little more subtle, and hidden pipes will leak. Let our experienced plumber in Manchester find and fix these leaks for you before they cause any long-term damage.

If there is a misalignment with your shower which means that there is excess water leaking out, we can also tweak this to ensure that your bathroom stays protected and you are kept safe.

Shower Repair and Replacement

Whatever the reason is that your shower is not working properly, it can cause a great hindrance to your routine. Fluctuating water temperature and low water pressure are common features, and some may require cartridge replacement.

Send us images of the issue and we will be able to diagnose the problem and suggest recommendations for what we can do.


Usually, when a flush is activated, the valve will re-fill. If something isn’t right, water can continue to trickle down. The rubber mechanics can become degraded leading to leaks or phantom flushing, loud squealing noises or banging pipes.

If anything like this is happening with your toilet, get in touch on 0161 2499357 and we can discuss the steps to fix it.


Unblocking a Toilet
You may not fancy dealing with a blocked toilet by yourself, in which case, our expert plumber in Manchester can sort it out for you. These are the type of home emergencies which will get worse over time, so they need resolving fast.
Do not over-flush, as it could end up overflowing!

Remember that flushing wet wipes and sanitary products instead of just toilet paper can lead to blockages. Use flushable wet wipes if you have to, otherwise, bin them. This is a great way to start looking after your toilet drains.

Please be aware that we advise you to call us before you do anything relating to these DIY tips, as you don’t want to worsen the situation. Incorrect methods could lead to further damage and more work, bringing more cost implications with them.

If you would just like some guidance on how to unblock your toilet, we may suggest the following, or we may come and take a look at it ourselves:

1.Grab some rubber gloves and put some newspaper down
2.Turn off the water supply to reduce the risk of flooding
3.Plunge – and ideally use a toilet plunger rather than a sink one
4.If you have a plumbing snake, you could use this to help, too

Should you prefer a professional plumber in Manchester to take care of it, we are more than happy to.

Unblocking a Sink

There are plenty of home remedies when it comes to unblocking your sink. If you want us to manage it for you, give us a call and we can discuss it. Usually, these types of blockages are caused by grease caught in the waste trap or fibres caught below the plughole.

A couple of DIY sink unblocking methods are as follows, but the same points fit as above; contact us first to check you are doing the right thing.

1.Use a sink plunger
3.Combine baking soda and vinegar and pour down the sink
4.Biological washing powder and boiling water
5.Use a long wire to try and fish out whatever is blocking the way
6.Unscrew the u-bend and clear the blockage by hand

Burst Pipes

There are various things that can trigger a burst pipe. In some cases, it could be due to a fault in the piping which has got worse over time.

Over time, naturally, seals can deteriorate in pipe work and lead to bursts or leakages within central heating and water systems within your property.

Other common causes of leaks are when people screw through things into walls, floorboards, or nailing through things they shouldn’t.

If a pipe bursts in the ceiling or under the floor, it may only be noticed too late when the water comes flowing through from somewhere it shouldn’t.

Particularly in winter, frozen or unprotected pipes can lead to bursting. If you would like a professional plumber in Manchester to check up on your pipes before winter or disaster strikes, get in touch and we will be happy to service them.

Power Flushing and Magnetic Cleansing

Fitting, replacement, repairs and general radiator care is all covered by our team.

If you need to bleed your radiator, you could try this yourself if you know how. Otherwise, we would recommend getting an experienced plumber in Manchester to look after your radiator issues. We can take care of valves, fittings, rust and pin-holing in current radiators as well as new fittings.

We will be with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your radiator and all other appliances in the home. From install to servicing, repair and eventual replacement, AD Plumbing Heating and Electrical is your one-stop shop for it all.

Our engineers use state of the art FLIR thermal imaging equipment to find the cause of the problem fast. This means that you can rest assured the right issue is diagnosed and resolved quickly.


Your Trusted Plumber in Manchester
No matter how big the installation or how small the repair, you can rely on the team at us to complete the job to the highest of standards, making sure you are safe and protected from long-term damage in the home.

Call us on 0161 2499357 or 07500 002 379 and check out some of our latest bathroom installations on our Facebook photo gallery.