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Manchester Emergency Electrician | Available 24 Hours

Manchester Emergency Electrician | Available 24 Hours

Manchester Emergency Electrician

Being in urgent need of an emergency electrician doesn’t mean that you should settle for anything less than brilliant service. Our fully qualified Manchester Emergency Electrician is on hand 24 hours around the clock. Whenever you are in need, give us a call on 0161 2499357 or 07500 002 379 and we can be of assistance.

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Power Cuts

If you have a power cut, check with your neighbours to find out if they have lost their power too. If they have, then it will most likely be a local network fault which the electrical supply companies will try to get back up and running fast.

If, however, it is just your home that is suffering from the power cut, your fuses may have tripped, so if you are comfortable checking, you could examine the fuse box.

Should you still not manage to get any electricity running, call our expert Manchester emergency electrician to help you out. We will check your appliances and wires to find out where the problem lies and find a solution accordingly.

Flickering Lights

One of the main reasons behind flickering lights is loose wiring. If not tended to, it can become a cause of house fires, so it is very important that you take care with them.

The flickers may start as annoying, maybe even ominous, but either way, they are not ideal when you are in the home and need some light.
It could either be the lights or an electrical issue which is causing them to flicker. You could try switching the lights off, letting the bulbs cool and switching the lightbulbs to start with.

Our expert Manchester emergency electrician can find out what the source of the issue is, if the bulbs themselves are not causing the flickers.

Sometimes, starting a large appliance such as a clothes dryer may use a large amount of electricity, leaving less for the lighting.

Check Your Wiring

If you sense that something is not quite right, we can come and take a look at the wiring in a specific appliance or room. Should something look out of place, we will endeavour to fix it as quickly as possible, giving you peace of mind that it is safe to carry on using your appliances.

Detectors and Alarms

We can install and service smoke and heat detectors as well as burglar alarms.
There should be a manual for each alarm that you have so that if something trips and the alarm continues to ring, you can turn it off. You should be able to remove the batteries or power supply from them and re-set it.

If your alarm randomly beeps, even when you aren’t cooking, while it is annoying, it may just be a reminder that the batteries are running low. Consider changing the batteries before you start to panic.

It may also need to be reset. Call our Manchester emergency electrician and we will help you over the phone for free if possible. If it needs a professional, we will come and see that the problem is.

Not having a functioning alarm can pose a huge safety risk. Make sure you have one which works.

Trust a Professional

If you are unsure of what to do, don’t attempt to make any changes to your electricals. Our Manchester emergency electrician can be with you fast with the knowledge and tools to safely diagnose and resolve the issue. Call us on 0161 2499357 or 07500 002 379.

Our call out charge remains the same no matter what time of day you need us. It is fixed and covers the first hour of service.

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