Expert Boiler Repair Manchester

Expert Boiler Repair Manchester


Reliable Boiler Repair Manchester

Stay warm through winter and ensure your boiler runs smoothly all year round with help from our boiler repair Manchester professionals. Regular servicing of your boiler means that we can check the condition of it so there is less chance of downtime when you need it most.

At AD, we understand that being without heating and hot water can be distressing and uncomfortable. You can trust in our professional boiler repair Manchester team to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Whenever you need our help, give us a call and we will get to you as soon as we can, thanks to our 24/7 availability.

While most boiler repair Manchester specialists focus on either gas or electric, at AD, we do them both! Plumbing, heating and electric are all a part of the service offering, so you can count on us to manage the boiler and any other niggles or issues you may be facing, such as flickering lights or a noisy radiator.

We are fully Gas Safe Registered, so you can rely on us to get the job done properly and to the best standard. We are also a top-rated business on Checkatrade and a Which? Trusted Trader .

Boiler Leaks and Hot Water

In the event of your boiler not producing any hot water, or if there is a leak from the boiler, the best thing to do is to contact a Gas Safe Registered engineer to fix it for you. If this is the case, give us a call on 0161 2499357 or 07500 002 379 and we will see what we can do for you.

Remember, no job is too big or too small, so if you’re not entirely sure of the issue, that is fine. We will take a look for you.

Due to further strain and use of your boiler over winter, it is advisable to get it serviced annually.

Boiler Error Codes

If there is an issue, you may be able to find out what it is that you require from our boiler repair Manchester service. Of course, our fully trained professionals can diagnose the issue for you, but for your understanding, it could help to know the error signs to identify the problem.

We have provided a selection of potential issues which could be causing your boiler to not operate properly. These are general issues which can happen to any kind of boiler, but please be sure to get in touch with us if you recognise any of these symptoms so our boiler repair Manchester experts can manage the repairs and get you back on track fast.

Fan Issue

1.Blocked flue – the pipe which gets rid of exhaust gases
2.Buzzing sounds
3.Pipes could be obscured by things such as plants outside
4.If a fan issue is suspected, it is important from a safety perspective that you  5.have a professional look into it.
Error Codes
6.Worcester: (3B) (Red 2.5 seconds on, Orange 0.5 seconds on)
7.Baxi Combi: (E160) (E.01-E.11)
8.Ravenheat: (17) (01)
9.Ideal: (F3)
10.Viessmann: (04, 05, 06, 08) (07, 09)
11.Vaillant: (F.32) (S.1)

Pump Issue

1.Noisy, banging pipers, or a buzzing sound
2.Boiler could be cutting out or overheating
3.Poor circulation
Error Codes
3.Worcester: (3B) (6A) (6B)
5.Baxi Combi: (E110)
6.Ravenheat: (28) (E02)
7.Ideal: Will say in words, i.e. check that pump is rotating freely.
8.Viessmann: (CC / F0) (A4)
9.Vaillant: (F24) (F22)

Ignition Issue

1.Lots of noise when trying to get it fired up
2.Ignition IssueFan will run but no pilot light
3.Could be a blockage in condensate pipe, or perhaps it is frozen

For safety issues, please contact a professional engineer to take care of issues like this, especially where pipes and their seals are involved. Once we take a proper look at the situation, we can work on it accordingly.
Error Codes
4.Worcester: (7A)
5.Baxi Combi: (Three red flashes) (E4) (E133)
6.Ravenheat: (01)
7.Ideal: (L2)
8.Vaillant: (F.28) (F.29) (D.69) (D.69)

Electrical Supply or Fuse Issue

1.No lights lit up at all could mean that there is no supply of electricity
2.Main consumer unit may be tripping

Do not attempt to change the fuse. A trip is often a signal that there is a deeper issue, so the fuse will have tripped for safety reasons. There could be a number of issues that triggered it, so let our boiler repair Manchester team take a closer 3.look for you.
4.Error Codes
5.Baxi: (E13)
6.Ravenheat: (F76)
7.Viessmann: (C2-C8) (CD-CF) (D2-D8) (DA-DF) (E0)
8.Vaillant: (F.65)

If your boiler is not shown, then you can find more listings here.

Local and Friendly

When it comes to boiler repair Manchester professionals, you want somebody who is efficient, friendly and qualified. With AD, you get all of these elements of service, and a Gas Safe Registered engineer who is happy to go the extra mile.

Do not hesitate to get in touch, no matter what the issue is. We will be with you quickly and get the problem resolved as fast as possible. We have a fixed call out charge that covers the first hour of our attendance. Anything beyond an hour will be quoted once we have examined the situation.

Our local presence means we can offer competitive rates and provide a truly personalised customer service. We are Gas Safe registered and are covered by Public Liability Insurance.

Get in touch with queries about your boiler. Call us today on 0161 2499357 or 07500 002 379.

The AD Service

As mentioned, we cover all aspects of plumbing, heating and electrical issues. We are highly respected for our elite bathroom and kitchen installations, too.

We take cash payments as well as all major cards, and for larger jobs we offer the option for a finance arrangement. Talk to us about your requirements for a qualified and respected professional and we can decide on the best next steps for your home improvements.

For reassurance that we are a trustworthy and reliable company, you can check out our five star reviews on Which?, Google, Yell, Facebook and Rated People.