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Emergency Plumber
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Emergency Plumber
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Emergency Plumber in Manchester

There is no ideal time for your pipes to burst or for something to block. That is why our emergency plumber in Manchester is available 24 hours around the clock. It is our mission to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, all the while making sure you are safe from leaks, floods and more with our expert knowledge.

Blockages and Overflow

Two of the main causes of plumbing emergencies are blockages and overflow, and in fact, one thing can lead to another.

Whether it is a sink or a toilet that is blocked, over-flushing or force of water in an attempt to unblock them can often lead to even more damage. For example, a toilet is only so big and can only physically hold so much liquid. Forcing any more liquid into an already blocked toilet could lead to overflow and flooding, which could then leak through the floor, either into another room in the house or a neighbour’s flat below.

Be careful when trying to unblock sinks and toilets. If you are unsure of how to do it and it looks like it is getting worse, please call our emergency plumber in Manchester immediately on 07500 002 379.

The sooner we can fix it, the less damage there is likely to be to the rest of the property and the faster you can get back to normal again.

Burst Pipes

If a pipe has burst or looks as though it is about to, do not waste any time. Call us any time of day and we will manage the repair or replacement.

One thing that is useful if you have a leak or a burst pipe is to turn the water supply off. You do this by using the stopcock. Knowing where your stopcock is and how to turn it on and off could save you from greater damages if there is a serious leak.

A stopcock looks like a tap but without a water outlet.

If you know where yours is, brilliant. If not, here are a few common places in the home you can find yours.


Valves which have been out of use for a prolonged period of time can start to leak. Contact us if this happens.

Where is My Stopcock?

Try the following places in your home, and hopefully, you will find your stopcock. If you have no luck, ring us on 07500 002 379 for further advice on where you may be able to find it.

1.Under the sink
2.In the bathroom
3.Near your gas meter
4.Cupboard under the stairs
5.In a utility room or cellar
6.In a cupboard or communal corridor

Reliable and Efficient Emergency Plumber

You can trust in us to get the job done, and to get it done properly. When you require an emergency plumber in Manchester, remember that we are a Which? Trusted Trader and registered among the top-rated businesses on Checkatrade. You will get only the best service and are in safe hands.

You can have peace of mind in the knowledge that we are rated 5 out of 5 on Which?, Google, Yell, Facebook and Rated People.

Perhaps an emergency requirement for a plumber has led you to think about upgrading your bathroom, sinks or kitchen. Our broad-spanning service covers bathroom fitting, kitchen fitting, general plumbing and more. Let us know what it is that you are looking for and we will happily discuss what we can do for you.

Available 24 Hours

Our fully qualified emergency plumber in Manchester is on hand to help with whatever your emergency is.

We can either talk through a step by step process over the phone or come and sort out the problem fast ourselves. It comes down to whatever you are most comfortable with.

The team at AD is experienced in all aspects of plumbing, heating and electricals, so if there is a fault that crosses multiple appliances or energy sources, we are confident we can quickly identify the problem and find a solution.


Usually, when a flush is activated, the valve will re-fill. If something isn’t right, water can continue to trickle down. The rubber mechanics can become degraded leading to leaks or phantom flushing. In addition, it can also cause loud squealing noises or banging pipes. None of this is pleasant.

If you are having issues like these with your toilet, get in touch on 0161 2499357 and we can discuss the steps to fix it.